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Introducing Fools Castle, a forgotten village about to be remembered...

Nothing much happens around here, but that suits Antoinette Ellis perfectly. She wants the cocoon the village provides. Fate has taken too many of her loved ones, and all she has left is her brother Sawyer and their late sister’s daughter, Tabitha. Antoinette gave up her future to look after her young niece, but her sacrifice hasn’t gone unnoticed.

When a stranger called Rufus moves into the grim little house opposite her cottage, odd things start to happen in Fools Castle. He admits he’s not the person he appears to be, but he won’t reveal who he really is. And what secrets lie within that tatty old book of his, which no one is allowed to look inside?

A miracle is long overdue, but the season for miracles is just around the corner.

THE LITTLE BOOK OF LOST HEARTS is the standalone prequel novella to FOUR SIDES TO EVERY STORY.  

'Charming and heart warming' M's Bookshelf: book reviews


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If you found ‘the one’ would you know it straight away, or would you need a little push in the right direction? 

What if there was someone like Lily Rose Whyte in your life, whose sole aim was to help you? Someone who could jiggle fate and fortune in your favour, without you even realising. 

And what if you live in a sleepy Cheshire village where nothing much seems to happen, except suddenly one summer, everything does. Your life is turned upside down and inside out. As we all know, love has a habit of doing that. 

But hold on. Slow down. Because what if – for once – Lily’s got it wrong? About as wrong as she can get. What would you do then? 

Don’t worry, though. Life isn’t a fairy tale, and magic doesn’t exist. So, as long as you don’t read this book, and you never meet Lily Rose Whyte, you’re perfectly safe ... Aren’t you? 

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Marrying the man of your dreams might be more literal than you think.

For Nell Jones the dream wasn't to last, and after struggling for years to bring up her twins on her own, she returns home to her family and the picture-book Welsh village where she grew up.

While Nell's daughter seems more or less a typical nine-year-old, her son isn't exactly average. No one can quite say why he is the way he is, until the village 'psychic' meets him for the first time. Suddenly, Nell has to question whether the husband who abandoned her seven years earlier was everything he seemed.

One winter's night, without warning, he reappears in her life, throwing everything into disarray again and jeopardising a potential new romance. But whether she wants to or not, and regardless of the consequences, Nell is about to discover just how fine a line it is between fact ... and fairy tale.

ONCE UPON A WINTER reached #1 in both the Contemporary Fantasy and the Fairy Tale charts on Amazon UK.

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MaryAnn is an ordinary girl. What's about to happen to her isn't ordinary at all.

Trying to escape her dubious track record with men, MaryAnn Laurey flees to Wychewood with her mute young daughter Beth. Once, it was her childhood sanctuary, but now nothing about the remote country house in North Wales is exactly as it appears. MaryAnn soon discovers she isn’t the only one with a hidden agenda.

There’s a pervasive and potentially threatening sense of mystery about Wychewood, and MaryAnn herself is at the centre, caught between two very different men. The enigmatic Gawain who seems to come with the house like a fixture and fitting, and the distant relative claiming Welsh ancestry who wants the property for himself.

MaryAnn’s future is at risk if she doesn’t face up to the incredible truth unravelling in front of her. But doing so will force her to confront the implications and anguish behind an old family tragedy…

Before another tragedy overtakes them all.

A GIRL I KNEW is a gripping blend of ghost story and psychological suspense. An impossible love affair with a heartrending twist, set against the wildness and isolation of the Welsh hills.

'A beautifully written tale' Victoria Connelly, bestselling author of THE ROSE GIRLS

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