Once Upon A Winter

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A beautiful romance with a sprinkling of magic. Read it and be enchanted.

Not enough stars to give this book.
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The idea for this book was a Christmas present from Santa. 

Seriously - it was. 

Sort of. 

I'd been dabbling with children's books with magical elements to them, but I'd been hankering to return to adult romances again, which I used to write a few years ago for Hodder & Stoughton. Could I marry the two together somehow? 

I wasn't sure, but faffing around on Christmas Eve 2011 because one of my children decided to wake up at midnight - which meant Santa couldn't visit till said child was asleep again - an idea floated into my head which then proceeded to keep me awake till the small hours.

In ONCE UPON A WINTER, my heroine is making the school-run and sewing cushions for the PTA one moment, the next she's discovering that the husband who deserted her and her children might belong more to a fictional world than the real one. 
The majority of the action takes place in a picturesque Welsh village 'hidden among the hills', which hopefully lends it a slightly fairytale-like quality.

If you're not familiar with the countryside of North Wales, you could take a peek at my Pinterest board where I look 'behind the scenes' of the book:
Pinterest - Once Upon A Winter
This is the world on my doorstep that inspires me so much, and every day I remind myself of how lucky I am!

Is this book for you...? I suppose if you like your characters firmly entrenched in a gritty urban reality, then the answer would be probably not. It's not a dark, brooding paranormal novel, but it's not all frothy sweetness and light either.

If you're a fan of the TV programme Once Upon A Time, and films such as Enchanted and Stardust, then you have similar tastes to me and might enjoy this book. I also love Tangled; such a great romance for an animated movie. My daughter and I watch it over and over again. And have you ever seen the film Penelope? If you have, I suppose that's the kind of world I'm trying to create. Reality - but not quite. Contemporary - but slightly timeless. 

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